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The stunningly fast micro-framework by Laravel.


 * Reimagine what you expect...
$app->get('/', function() {
	return ['version' => '5.3']

 * From your micro-framework...
$app->post('framework/{id}', function($framework) {

	$this->dispatch(new Energy($framework));

$app->get('api/users/{id}', function($id) {
	return User::find($id);


Decidedly Laravel. Delightfully Minimal.

Lightning fast micro-services and APIs delivered with the elegance you expect.

Benchmark Breaking Speed

Lumen is the perfect solution for building Laravel based micro-services and blazing fast APIs. In fact, it's one of the fastest micro-frameworks available. It has never been easier to write stunningly fast services to support your Laravel applications.

  • 1000
  • 1800
    Slim 3
  • 1900

Requests per second

The Convenience You Love

Don't sacrifice power for speed. Use the Laravel features you love like Eloquent, caching, queues, validation, routing, middleware, and the powerful Laravel service container. All with almost zero configuration.


$app->get('user/{id}', function($id) {
	return User::findOrFail($id);

Friends In High Places

Have a Lumen project you want to upgrade to the full Laravel framework? It couldn't be easier. Since Lumen is powered by Laravel's components, just drop your code into a Laravel installation. You won't have to change a thing.